What are the ingredients in your formulas?

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What are the nutrients in your formulas?

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BIOSUPERFOOD (BSF) is a whole food product composed of four of the most nutrient and phytonutrient dense algae found on earth. Each BSF formula has a different nutritional value. The formulas are presented in capsules that are easy to swallow and practical to use.

How safe is BSF? How is the quality of BSF assured?

The BIOSUPERFOOD formulas are certified by Health Canada under the Natural Product certification program for purity, content and quality. Health Canada imposes inspection of manufacturing facilities, and mandates that EACH lot be analyzed for herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals and other pollutants to guarantee safety.

Is BSF a raw food?

Yes, 100%.

How to take BSF?

BSF comes in vegetable capsules that are easy to swallow and practical to take at regular intervals throughout the day. The two-part capsule can be twisted open to get to the powder inside. Some people like to mix the powder in juice, water or in a smoothie. Some people like the natural taste of algae and they let it dissolve slowly in their mouths or sublingually.

How do I keep the BSF to preserve it best?

BSF is freeze dried at a low temperature and is crystallized in the process. As such, it will keep for many years at normal room temperature. It is best to keep it away from hot stoves or direct sun exposure. Keeping it in a drawer or cupboard is best. It can also be kept in the refrigerator. We recommend not keeping it in the freezer as repeated thawing may initiate loss of enzyme and nutritional strength.

How much BSF should I consume each day?

For most people, we recommend starting with one or two capsules per day, increasing gradually to an average of six per day. Trust your body to guide you to the intake level that’s best for you as no two people are alike.

How can BSF help with my specific medical condition?

BSF is not a medicine or remedy. If you have any concerns regarding your health or a specific medical condition it is always best to consult with your healthcare professional prior to consuming BSF.

What is the difference between BIOSUPERFOOD and BIOPREPARATION?

The BIOSUPERFOOD formulas are specifically designed for humans though, as with other earthly foods, our animal companions can also consume them. The BIOSUPERFOOD formulas have the same nutritional makeup as the BIOPREPARATION formulas, except that they are freeze dried at a less cold temperature in order to achieve a slightly coarser powder. This was done to adjust uptake assimilation for humans as we have long digestive tracts, unlike dogs and cats that have very short digestive tracts.

The algae used in the BIOPREPARATION formulas are freeze dried at a colder temperature than those used in the BIOSUPERFOOD formulas in order to achieve a slightly finer powder. The difference in coarseness of the powder increases uptake assimilation for the shorter (than humans) digestive tracts in animals like dogs and cats.

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