We appreciate your interest in joining the BIOAGE team and in promoting bio-algae concentrates! We welcome new practitioners and other resellers and will do everything possible to support you and your efforts to recommend and sell our products.

Our Reseller program is intended for wellness professionals, clinics, health stores, spas, and other approved outlets with reseller tax ID. Online sales are allowed only via private web sites – sales of our products are not allowed via public marketplace sites such as AMAZON, eBay, Yahoo store, etc.

NOTE: For sales via Internet web sites, you must adhere to our Reseller Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy.

BIOAGE is not a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company.

BIOAGE is the Distributor for BIOSUPERFOOD and BIOPREPARATION (aka bio-algae concentrates or BAC) in the United States. Resellers and practitioners in Canada or outside of North America should contact http://bionutrition.com/ regarding their reseller options.

Our minimum order requirement for any discount is five (5) bottles, which can be any combination of the various formulas and sizes. However the best pricing for resellers is with orders of 15+ bottles per order. Once your account is established and your opening order placed, you can enter and track your own orders online via “My Account” on our website. We are also available to assist you by phone or email as needed.

The application process involves the following steps:

STEP 1: Review our Reseller Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) in its entirety and be sure that you are in agreement with the terms and policies listed therein.

STEP 2: Complete the form below, making sure the information matches that on your account, then click on SUBMIT.

STEP 3: Once your application is received by our office, we will review it and contact you within 1-2 business days, via phone or email. Assuming you meet our requirements as a viable reseller of BIOAGE products, we will send you wholesale pricing and other relevant information via email. Once you receive this email confirmation, you can call us to place your first order at your convenience.


Wholesaler Application